Work in progress and my trip to the forest…

Recently, I got engaged. We’d talked about it for a while and I really wanted to be the one to propose.

I also wanted it to be a surprise and my other half guesses all the things, all the time. So, I came up with this ingenious idea to book a really nice hotel in a really romantic forest and lead her to believe that’s where I’d do it.

I didn’t. I did it somewhere else a couple of months before. Genius right?

Well, now we were left with this really cool mini holiday in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire (highly recommend it by the way). I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

First bird, have a really great time and see all the nature. Second bird, get some inspiration for, and do some research on, the Quiet Village.

Turned out to be the perfect place. We visited a creepy abandoned iron mine and were the only ones walking about 100ft underground. We also spent a lot of time in the forest which, while not creepy, definitely could be in the right circumstances. I also saw some wild boar which apparently is quite rare and was a major highlight of the trip.

If you want to find out whether any of this stuff made it into the book, you’ll have to read it.

Yes, I did use part of my engagement story to plug my book. I’ve also put the blurb below in case you forgot it.

When her sister dies, Collie Noonan gets custody of her ten-year-old niece. Hoping for a fresh start, they move to a small village on the outskirts of Suffolk. But in Hyam all is not as it seems. The locals are verging on hostile, and all the local shop seems to stock is meat – a problem for Collie’s vegetarian niece.

Emily Lassiter is also new to the village, and Collie is drawn to the mysterious schoolteacher. Unknown to Collie, Emily is an undercover reporter looking into the disappearance of her brother. He warned her something was wrong in Hyam. Something was watching him. Emily believes the answers lie in the village, and she’ll do whatever it takes to discover the truth.

But something not quite human is stalking Collie and her niece. It’s coming for them all, and they’ll need to work together if any of them want to get out of Hyam alive.

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