Getting to know Eden Darry

The most important thing to know about me is that I hate talking about myself. I can’t even talk about my books without wanting to shrivel up and die, even though that’s my job. Literally. I’m a publisher’s dream.

Most of the authors I know are kind of the same. It’s a weird situation to be in. Writing is not a team sport. It’s you and a laptop and quiet room for months. Then, happy days, someone wants to publish it. They want your picture, and they want you to talk about it, obviously, so your books sell. It’s flattering and exciting but bloody scary.

Me doing a reading for a Bold Strokes panel in P-Town for Women’s Week- October 2019

So this is me, talking about myself. I like cups of tea and horror films and DIY and cats. I don’t like marmite or artichokes or beetroot. I’m indifferent to carrots. Is that enough now?

Let’s talk about my books. I’m pioneering a new genre: horror romance. So far so good. I finished my third book, which is out in October this year, and have just started writing my fourth. I could tell you about it, but I genuinely don’t know what’s going to happen this time. It’s the first book I haven’t meticulously planned before writing, and who knows where it will end up. I’m excited to find out, and I hope you will be to.

Enjoying a mocktail in Boston before the madness of Women’s Week- October 2019

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